Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

AutoPlus's state of the art wheel alignment system conducts a wheel alignment check to measure the angle of the car's wheels to identify whether and where they are misaligned. If the wheels are misaligned we use our wheel alignment system to adjust the wheels to achieve alignment, ensuring that the wheels are pointing in the correct direction.

Wheel alignments are measured in fractions of degrees, so even a slight misalignment can have a significant effect.

Signs of improper wheel alignment

Wheels which are not aligned can affect your car's steering, handling, suspension, braking, tyre wear, fuel use and safety.

If you have noticed any of the following your wheels are probably out of alignment and you should get a wheel alignment check and wheel alignment:

  • your car 'pulls' to one side of the road while driving or braking
  • when driving straight the steering wheel is off centre
  • your tyres wear unevenly (typically one side wears faster than the other)
  • your tyres wear out more quickly
  • poor handling when driving
  • car feels instable or wanders from side to side (this requires urgent action)
  • when turning, your tyres screech

When should you check your wheel alignment?

You should check the accuracy of your car's wheel alignment every 6 months. This check should be carried out more often if you drive very long distances or drive on bumpy roads a lot. You should also have your wheel alignment checked if you have an accident or you hit a pothole, kerb or other significant impact on the wheel.

About our FREE wheel alignment check - Dandenong only

Our Dandenong service centre offers a FREE wheel alignment CHECK to provide you with an accurate assessment of your wheel alignment. The wheel alignment check is fast and FREE!

Your AutoPlus technician will use our state of the art wheel alignment system to check the accuracy of your car's wheel alignment. We will provide you with a report on the current alignment and discuss wheel alignment and any other issues that we identify such as worn or damaged steering and suspension components.

Wheel Alignment

If your wheels are out of alignment we can use our state of the art equipment to align and balance your car's wheels. AutoPlus can also repair or replace other parts where required to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Why we use the Hunter Hawkeye Wheel Alignment System

The Hunter Hawkeye is one of the most advanced wheel alignment system available. Because a wheel alignment is measured in fractions of degrees, a quality wheel alignment requires specialised equipment. Our technicians are trained in the correct and efficient operation of the system. You can rest assured that your wheel alignment is in good hands.

Our Dandenong store uses the Hunter Hawkeye Wheel Alignment System.

Wheel Alignment
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