Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

Your car's cooling system has the primary job of keeping your car from overheating and to operate at a constant correct temperature. However, it must also allow the engine to heat to its peak performance level, as components wear out faster and the engine is less efficient when it is too cold.

Regular servicing of the radiator and related components can help avoid costly repairs.

What to look out for:

  • car overheating (keep your eye on the temperature gauge and warning lights)
  • cooling fluid leaks (green or brown fluid)
  • low coolant levels
  • poor air flow through radiator
  • use the correct coolant for your vehicle

Remember to check your fluid levels regularly, particularly in warm weather.

You should also consider an antifreeze / antiboil coolant to help avoid the water in your radiator freezing or boiling over. Remember to check your vehicle's owner's manual for recommended coolant specifications. If in doubt talk to your AutoPlus mechanic.

Our friendly team are here to discuss any issues you may have and recommend solutions to help you make an informed decision.

Cooling Systems
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