Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission

AutoPlus technicians understand that modern automatic transmissions are complex components. It requires specialist equipment and trained technicians to ensure high quality repairs and replacement.

What to look out for:

  • fluid leak - transmission fluid is (usually) red - look for leaks or fluid level getting low too quickly
  • hesitates or refuses to go into gear
  • unusual noises - clunking, buzzing, humming or whining
  • shaking or grinding
  • burning smell - this could be overheating transmission fluid which is a problem (There are a number of other causes of burning smells and you should have this checked.)
  • check engine light turns on - this could be a transmission issue or could be caused by a number of other issues. Our diagnostic testing can identify these faults
  • noisy transmission in neutral
  • slips out of gear - power failing to be delivered to the wheels

Remember to check you transmission fluid at least twice a year. If it is too low it can cause your car to shift gears poorly and can cause damage (which leads to costly repairs).

Bring your car into your nearest AutoPlus service centre and we can assess and diagnose your car's transmission problems and recommend solutions. Don't wait until it's too late. Remember, not all problems are expensive to fix, however if left unattended they can often turn into expensive repairs or cause safety issues.

Our friendly team will discuss any issues and recommended solutions to help you make an informed decision.

Automatic Transmission
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