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Need your car serviced? Do you usually take it to the dealership's service centre? Want to maintain your new car warranty.

Bring your car to AutoPlus for its next service. Our qualified mechanics will service your car in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, using parts which meet or exceed the vehicle's OEM standard. All at a great price!

Worried about maintaining your new car warranty?

There's no need to worry. You can still maintain your new car warranty when you have your car serviced at an AutoPlus Service Centre.

How do you maintain your warranty? Follow at least these minimum requirements to maintain statutory and manfucturer* warranties:

  1. Choose a reputable service centre. AutoPlus Service Centres are staffed by qualified mechanics. Our staff are trained, supervised and suitably qualified.
  2. Keep up to date with service schedule - bring your car into AutoPlus Service Centre within the time / KM schedule specified in your car's Owner's Manual / Manufacturer's Handbook. Check your vehicle's Manual/Handbook for service intervals specific to your vehicle.
  3. Car must be serviced in accordance with the Manufacturer's Handbook / Specifications – AutoPlus conduct your car’s service in accordance with the Manufacturer's specifications. We use quality parts and fluids and lubricants used will meet or exceed OEM standard.
  4. Keep a record – we will fill in your logbook as a record of your car's service to help maintain your car's warranty and resale value.

Qualified Mechanics

Did you know that at AutoPlus your car will be serviced by qualified mechanics? Not all service centres are the same and some are not staffed or supervised by qualified mechanics.

At all AutoPlus Service Centres, your car will be cared for by qualified mechanics for all your servicing and repairs.

Having qualified mechanics at AutoPlus Service Centres means that all work is carried out to the highest standard. It's also why you can maintain your new car warranty when it's serviced at an AutoPlus Service Centre - and at a great price!

Want to know more about new car warranties and servicing?

Want to know more about manufacturer and statutory warranties? Check our our NewsPlus post here.

For more information check out the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)


* Note:  Does not apply to dealer extended warranties that specifiy that dealership servicing is required.

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Hot Offer Car Service

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