Brake Pads

Brake Pads

At AutoPlus we have developed our own range of Brake Pads in response to the driving conditions we find in Australia.

The AutoPlus selected range of brake pads is exclusive and available only through our stores. AutoPlus brake pads contain copper, brass and other soft minerals which increase the friction rating while actually protecting the surface of the disc rotor at the same time.

AutoPlus brake pads are not full metal pads that will destroy your disc rotors. Our brake pads are not as susceptible to "brake fade" due to their increased tolerance to extreme heat.

The AutoPlus brake pad range includes our AutoPlus Premium Brake Pad - that’s the pad that is virtually DUSTLESS!

Brake Pads

AutoPlus has a range of brake pads to suit most vehicles and budgets. We also have performance brake pads and a 4WD brake pad range available for more demanding conditions and driving styles.

We also understand that not everyone is looking for the very best so we also have an economy brake pad range as well.

AutoPlus offers an extensive Brake Pad Range. Talk to the experts at your nearest AutoPlus store to discuss the best brake pad for your vehicle and budget.

What's Stopping You?

Choose from our range of quality brake pads:

High Performance

  • Non asbestos metallic brake pad
  • Polymer modified resin
  • Suitable for light race track work
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • High disc wear due to increased friction


  • Non asbestos based brake pads
  • Light duty
  • Medium disc wear
  • Suitable for moderate driving


  • Non asbestos semi metallic
  • Medium to high friction
  • Medium rotor wear
  • Provides good stopping power

Premium Plus

  • Non asbestos compound similar to Premium
  • Polymer modified resin
  • Higher performance levels
  • Long life
  • Low dust
  • Very low disc wear
  • Excellent pedal feel
  • Recommended for heavy duty applicationsn


  • Non asbestos low metallic copper & brass
  • Polymer modified resin
  • Excellent overall compound
  • Long life
  • Low dust
  • Very low susceptibility to noise
  • Very low disc wear
  • Excellent pedal feel
  • Recommended for most passenger cars
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